Welcome to RE/SET.

RE/SET is our upcycling program where we turn excess inventory, damaged product, or pieces you may no longer need, into reusable pouches that substitute your single use storage.

What does this mean?

Our team will take any Jet Set that is no longer needed, that had been damaged during production, or is excess inventory, and repurpose the fabric through a cut and sew process to create our reusable pouches. These pouches will be brought to you via your order. Anytime you place a jewelry order with us, your piece(s) will arrive in our upcycled pouch, accented with our signature gold button.

The pouches are made to not only fit your new jewelry but can also be repurposed to hold all life’s miscellaneous items. Daily vitamins, chapsticks, loose change, mini perfumes and so on. They’re also perfect for travel and great for gifting.

Repurpose, reuse, eliminate single use waste.

No longer wearing your Jet Set? We’re here to help. Submit the form  and we will handle retrieving your pieces and beginning their upcycling process.